Building a Mansion on Minecraft

Building a Mansion on Minecraft

Block Count

To start off, I’m going to announce how many of each different block you will need in order to build the house.


Now that all the materials have been collected either on Survival or Creative, I will show the tutorial for how to build my house.

First step is to get the proper amount of block space for which to build on and the space is going to be 24x14 and here is the first layer of where to put most of the Oak Wood:

step one

Second step is to build the walls that will sit on top of the foundation that you have just created. First what you will do is build up each post as shown in the picture below to be an equivalent of four blocks high:

step two

The third step is to start filling in for the most part what the walls will be made of which will be oak wood. For the most part you will just create an arch type of shape with the windows and always have a top layer of Oak Wood. But, the two blocks sitting directly on top of where the front door will be will be upside down Oak Wood Stairs:

step three

The fourth step is to start working on the on the second floor which each post will be built directly on the post below as shown in the picture. But, these posts will be 5 blocks high and Oak Wood Planks will be filled between the posts:

step four

The fifth step will be to start working on the roof for the second floor which will be as simple as it looks. Between the two posts on the second floor, you will continue rising the roofs edge with Oak Wood into a pyramid shape. Then, the bottom layer of stairs (roof) will be made out of Stone Brick Stairs along with the edges, which will also extend one block over the posts. Then, the inside of the Stone Brick Stairs will be filled with Oak Wood Stairs as shown below:

step five

The sixth step will be to work on the side roofs which all you will do is place Stone Brick Stairs on the third block going completely around the edge of the building. Then, you will follow the pattern made by the Oak Wood posts while placing the Oak Stairs until you have made the Oak Wood Stairs 3 blocks high:

step six

The seventh step is to fill in the gaps as shown above in the roof with Oak Wood Slabs as shown in the picture below:

step seven

The eighth step is fairly simple as well. Now that the primary outside structure is done, you will fill in all the gaps with Glass Pane, yet all the diagonal walls with Glass Block. Also note that the second floor has been filled in with extra Oak Wood:

step eight

The ninth step is where the interior of this house is starting to be created. As soon as you walk into the 2x2 hole made in the exterior wall, you will place Oak Wood one block above the floor. Then, you will stack up the hallway created with Oak Wood as high as possible. Also, the floors made will have Stone Brick surrounding Quartz Block and the second floor will be 3 blocks above the first floor as shown in the picture below:

step nine

The tenth step is as simple as it looks. For each side room of the house, put an exterior surrounding on the floor as Stone Bricks with a Quartz Block filling in the middle. Also note that the gap where the doors will sit will be horizontally aligned with the windows in either side room and the block that the doors sit on will be made of Quartz Block:

step ten

The eleventh step is to use stairs and slabs to make the ceiling a beautiful and complex looking piece of work. To be quite honest though, it is very hard to describe on how to build so what would probably be best is to look at the picture below and use that for a model:

step eleven

The twelfth step is to start lighting up the house. Using either Sea Lantern or Glow Stone (which is much easier to obtain on Survival) either Side Room of the house will each use this lighting format (as shown below) in order to light up the rooms:

step twelve

The thirteenth step is lighting up the hallway. In each four corners of the hallway is where a Sea Lantern will be placed on both the first and second floor. Also note that ladder has been added to the far right corner of the picture and also to the near left corner where my character is standing:

step thirteen

The fourteenth step is for the interior design of the second story. Which pretty much is self-explanatory by the picture. The second story is just a giant chest room. Also note that I have stacked two rows of upside down Oak Wood Stairs to make the roof prettier:

step fourteen

The fifteenth step is to create the interior design for the bottom floor hall. As shown in the picture there is a black, white, gray, light gray carpet design on the ground. Also, there is two paintings on either wall. Lastly, there are four flower plots sitting on Spruce and Oak Wood Stair tables on either side of the table:

step fifteen

The sixteenth step is interior design for one of the side rooms. In this room will be placed a painting, black, white, gray, light gray carpet, furnaces, beds, a crafting table, and an anvil as shown in the two pictures below. Also what I have done is I’ve included two different views on this on room in order to make the building of the room easier:

step sixteen

Now for the seventeenth step which is also one of the last. This is the interior design for the second room and in it will include the signs, green concrete, bookshelf, white, black, gray, light gray carpet. Here is a picture for how the interior room looks:

step seventeen

Now the final step and you will be done copying my creation. The final touch is the oak leaves on the outside of the house and here is the picture modeling on how you’re supposed to place the leaves. After this you are done:

step eighteen

Any questions or comments? Please leave them below, your feedback is appreciated!

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